You may be wondering where the traffic comes from that is sent to your website. This is a question we receive often and are happy to answer. First, it’s important to realize that all of our traffic is REAL traffic. We don’t employ bots or scripts to deliver worthless traffic to you.

All of the targeted visitors we send to you comes from Expired domains via domain redirection. This is an automated process that is 100% invisible to online surfers or visitors. When a visitor types in or clicks a link to one of our expired domains, our customer’s website (you being the customer) appears in their web browser.

Is Traffic From Expired Domains Safe?

Absolutely. Thousands of domain names expire everyday across the globe. Many times they are simply abandoned them or forgotten to renew them on time. In many cases, these expired domain names continue to receive traffic that is a result of the previous owner’s traffic efforts. We’ve got software that alerts us to domain names that have expired in the past several hours. Using a number of specialized tools, we are able to gauge the traffic and make a determination as to it’s value. If a particular expired domain name has a consistent traffic flow, along with a clearly defined target market, we’ll register the domain name, adding it to our network. We then direct the traffic to our server, which in turn will redirect visitors to those domain names to our traffic customers, showing their website. All 100% safe.

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