Audio AdsDid you know that by adding an audio introduction or audio ad on your website, you can increase your sales by over 600%? It’s true and that is why over 90% of all successful websites are currently using some form of audio advertising on their websites. 600% is not just a number we threw out there, this is a proven and documented fact.

Many people shy away from recording their own audio because they either don’t like the way their voice sounds, or they aren’t sure how to get it done from a technical standpoint. We can help you on both counts. We can help you add your own audio introduction or auto advertisement in as little as 24 hours. Our professionals can assist you with writing the script, adding a music background and even providing the voice for your ad or intro you’d like to run.

We’ve got two services we offer:

Professional Pack

The first service is our called our Professional Pack. The professional pack includes up to a 30 second audio. You will be given 3 audio files to chose from based on the highest quality auditions chosen by our staff. There are additional add-ons available. The finished product will include the audio file and audio player for your website in a style of your choice (based on options available). Our voice files are compatible for use on any internet radio network as well.

Current Voice Options

  • Child
  • Teenager
  • Young Adult Female
  • Young Adult Male
  • Middle Aged Female
  • Middle Aged Male
  • Senior Female
  • Senior Male

Audio Recording – Base Price $49
Script Creation – Base Price $29
Background Music – Base Price $29
Installation Help – Base Price $19 (must have FTP Access)

Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3. Sample 4.

The second package we offer is the do it yourself package.

Self Service Pack

When you order the self service pack you will be given a phone number to call. Simply pick up your phone and dial the telephone number provided. When you are prompted to leave your ad, please begin with your order number, then your advertisement. The voice file you create will be transferred to our staff for minor editing and polishing (noise reduction / balance). The final voice file and player code will be provided via email.

Audio Retrieval + Minor Editing = Base Price $29
Background Music – Base Price $29
Installation Help – Base Price $19.00 (must have FTP Access)

Audio Packages
Voice Type
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