1. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal payments using your Visa, MasterCard, checking account or current PayPal balance.

2. How long will it take before my traffic campaign begins?

We will start your campaign as soon as possible, usually within a few hours of receiving your order. We generally send an order confirmation within 4-6 hours. If you don’t receive confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us to verify that your order has been received.

3. How soon are traffic campaigns completed?

Most traffic campaigns are completed within 30 days or less. However, it can take up to 45 days, depending on the country you have chosen. Please contact us for more information.

4. Do you offer 24 hour unique traffic?

Yes, all of our traffic campaigns are 24 hour unique.

5. Do you accept traffic from sites that have pop up windows?

No. We don’t accept orders from any sites that have pop up windows on them.

6. How can I check my traffic stats?

We will email you a link so you can check the stats of your campaign while it is in progress.You will receive access to your very own dashboard from where you can monitor the traffic sent to you. Since Google analytics is unreliable we advise that you also use other web site monitoring systems. We highly recommend that you use the free statcounter as this independent monitoring service will give you a in depth analyzes of your site.

7. Do you ever use spam or will I be accused of using spam methods

Absolutely not. Please see the About Our Traffic page.

8. Are there any restrictions on the content of my site?

We do not accept websites that contain additional pop-up windows, frame-breaking Javascripts, trojans, viruses and Java pop-ups.

  • Sites from other countries such as Russia .ru, Germany .de, and India .in must target the country they originate in.  Due to high rates of virus infections these countries will be forbidden to market to the US.
  • We will no longer accept urls ending in .co.cc  of the 150 placed over the last year 100% were infections and fraudulent.
  • We will not allow invasive 3rd party ad company to piggyback on our network.  These include adf.ly and a few others.
  • All adult related websites (toys, erotic dating) must be ran in the mature network.
  • While we gladly welcome sound ads, please note the following :
    1.) Sound ads must run in a different network and traffic will be slower at times as only 10% of our network sites run sound ads.
    2.) Ads containing sound may only run in their respective language geotarget or Worldwide market.  A Spanish sound ad can only run in predominate Spanish speaking geotargets.

9. Are there any additional or hidden charges?

Absolutely not! All fees listed on our website are a one-time cost. We do not charge you for our stats and tracking system, thanks to the sponsored banner ads displayed on the stats pages.

10. What is your refund policy?

Wildfirebusinesssolutions.com will issue refunds for non-delivery on a pro-rata basis. Because we pay for traffic that has been delivered, we only issue refunds for traffic that has not yet been sent.

11. How much traffic can you deliver per month?

We can deliver up to 100 Million Unique visitors per month.

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