These terms and conditions apply to our regular, adult and Alexa traffic.

  • Sites from other countries such as Russia .ru, Germany .de, and India .in must target the country they originate in.  Due to high rates of virus infections these countries will be forbidden to market to the US.
  • We will no longer accept urls ending in  of the 150 placed over the last year 100% were infections and fraudulent.
  • We will not allow invasive 3rd party ad company to piggyback on our network.  These include and a few others.
  • We do not accept websites that contain additional pop-up windows, frame-breaking Javascripts, trojans, viruses and Java pop-ups.
  • All adult related websites (toys, erotic dating) must be run in the mature network.
  • While we gladly welcome sound ads, please note the following :
    1.) Sound ads must run in a different network and traffic will be slower at times as only 10% of our network sites run sound ads.
    2.) Ads containing sound may only run in their respective language Geo target or Worldwide market.  A Spanish sound ad can only run in predominate Spanish speaking Geo targets.
  • We do not give any guarantees as to how our traffic will act such as click throughs, page views, sales or time stayed on site.
  • Any discrepancies have to be verified by screenshots from installed on your site. We do not accept Google Analytics reports (Read our reasons here). Any short fall of traffic with then be forwarded to your site. Money refunds will not be issued.
  • Traffic starting times may vary. While most orders placed will start within a 24hr time period, orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be activated the following Monday afternoon or early Tuesday morning.
  • Not all countries have the same volume of traffic. Countries such as the US or Canada have large volumes where as countries such as Thailand have lower amounts. Ask our staff for available amounts to smaller countries.
  • Any attempt  to abuse or use our traffic system to spread trojans or viruses will be an instant cancellation of your traffic order with no refunds and will be reported to the appropriate authorities as well as placed on our banned listing.

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